Silver Lease


For our riders that have demonstrated an aptitude in riding, caring for their horses and other key attributes that we like our students to possess, the Silver Lease option can be made available. Where the Bronze Lease is ideal for those that have just completed their group training and want to venture out on their own; the Silver Lease is a step up and is a firm favourite amongst our riders. If you’d like to feel like you own a horse without any of the financial obligations, then this is the lease for you!

If we feel that you have displayed a high level of excellence in all aspects of your equestrian training, including your horsemanship, your riding and your enthusiasm, then we might even recommend you for this option. If you feel that you’re ready for it yourself, however, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t apply. Our coaches will evaluate your performance, your knowledge and your expertise – and if you’re approved, we will also consider you an ambassador of Eastside Riding Academy.

What Are the Benefits of this Lease?

Silver Lease program members will receive priority whenever external training days and competitions are an option. Furthermore, you will also get to choose a horse to ride, look after and maintain – and you will be permitted to use this horse for competitions and other similar events.

What Does this Lease Include?

Anyone fortunate enough to be approved to become a Silver Leaseholder will be entitled to two group training sessions with other like-minded leaseholders. Furthermore, you will be allowed two weekly self-ride sessions, under the supervision of a parent or one of our coaches.

You will also have the option to upgrade your lease and receive 1- 2 private riding lessons. There are a few terms and conditions to abide by however, but for any aspiring equestrian, these can be positive aspects, instead of negative ones. They include:

  • An obligation to become a member of Equestrian Australia
  • Certain horses can be subjected to weekend restrictions
  • Select horses are only available as part of the lease agreement

How Much Does this Lease Cost?

To make an enquiry, to submit an application, or for any further information relating to prices, please feel free to get in touch by calling (02) 9360-7521 today