School Holiday Programs

Important Details:

  • 9 am arrival (please do not arrive before this time, without prior arrangement, as it impacts our set up)
  • 4 pm pickup
  • School-aged kids
  • 2 rides per day – 1 Group Riding, 1 Ride in Centennial Park
  • 3 Days of Fun, education based learning environment
  • $660

Camp Dates

Further Information

What’s the one thing that most busy parents will struggle to do when their children are off from school on their holidays? Entertainment of course! That’s why here at Eastside Riding Academy, your local equestrian centre based in Centennial Park in Sydney, we strive to offer a solution to parents from all walks of life.

Our School Holiday Programs are ridiculously popular, with riders coming from far and wide to take part in the exciting activities, the socialisation potential and the enjoyable programs that we have available. The aim of these programs is to offer an incredibly enjoyable learning environment for riders of all skill levels – whilst keeping your children entertained and engaged.

What Do the Programs Consist Of?

Rather than creating large groups, we prefer smaller ones; with a ratio of approximately 1 staff: 5 children to allow our coaches to focus on teaching individual students needs, whilst doing all in their power to ensure the safety and comfort of all children present. Each rider will get to enjoy two exciting rides per day, with one taking place alongside a small group of other children and the other being around Centennial Park.

An experienced coach will be assigned to each group, as well as a junior coach that can help to answer any questions, or provide further information to inquisitive children should they want to explore the concept of horse riding a little more. We take care of the technicalities to make sure that lessons run as fluidly as possible, whilst focusing on the enjoyment of our riders at all times.

When not riding, your children will then have the opportunity to get to grips with the huge variety of aspects associated with horse riding; including how to care for horses and ponies, how to remain safe, grooming, mounting and much, much more! We have no doubt that your kids will be as entertained as they are keen to share their experiences with you, so why not get in touch today?

What Will Your Child Need to Bring?

Although we will do everything that we can to ensure that your children remain safe and comfortable throughout their visit to our academy – there are a few things that you can do to help. These include packing items such as sunscreen, especially if you’re planning on booking during the summer.

A hat or a cap won’t go amiss either, as well as suitable clothing that matches the season. We’d suggest avoiding any apparel with tassels that can get caught or snared, with sleeved-shirts being ideal. It might also be worth packing an extra pair of socks and leggings, jogging bottoms, or any other pants that are comfortable.

Finally – your child will be so focused on having fun that they might forget to eat! We’ll be happy to set aside some time for them to enjoy a home-made packed lunch, before getting back to their exciting activities. The programs run for 3 days and cost $660 per child, with a 9am start and a 4pm finish. Occasionally we can offer 1 day and 2-day placements at a cost of $300 for 1-day or $500 for 2 days, so why not give us a call to secure your placement today?