Ready Set Trot

Ready Set Trot

Ready Set Trot is a beginner riders program, allowing children with an interest in horses or those that might have commenced learning the basics, the opportunity to have fun and get started in the equestrian sport.

Ready Set Trot is a 2-hour program that includes a 1-hour group riding session and 1-hour Stable Skills session. Stable Skills is a theory and practical based, on ground, structured learning platform. This component is a wonderful way to learn skills and confidence around handling the horse, reading body language and general care.

Ready Set Trot aims to introduce children to horses and provide them with a better understanding of horsemanship in a fun and exciting way. The program strives to teach children the fundamentals of horsemanship, allow them to sample opportunities within the horse industry and build a lifelong passion for horses.

How to Get Involved

  • Contact Eastside on (02)93607521 to reserve your place
  • Register via the following link OR let our friendly staff take care of this for you.

Structured Learning: Ribbon LevelsRibbon Levels

Ready Set Trot Stable Skills is an outcome-based program, focused on the improvement and development of the participant as they learn how to ride. The program is divided into four Ribbon Levels – Green to Yellow, Red to Blue.

Participants can register with Stable Skills at the Green level and progress through activities, tests and challenges with each lesson at their own pace; transferring between both mounted and unmounted activities.

Upon registration, participants are given a Participant Pack – including an A5 Folder with activity sheets, a Ready Set Trot helmet cover, wristband, sticker and pen.