Junior Riding Club


Our Junior Riding Club, or JRC as we commonly refer to it, is by far the most popular children’s program that we offer to our riders. It coincides with the school term and runs for 9 weeks. With the club being available on Saturdays, as well as four afternoons each week – your children will be able to enjoy some of the most enjoyable riding lessons in a way that keeps them entertained for hours.

What Can You Expect Each Week?

All JRC members will get to take part in an exciting two-hour sessions per week, which includes a formal group riding lesson for up to five children. There’s also an on-ground theory session, where young riders will get to explore the world of management, safe handling and maintenance relating to their horses or ponies.

You’ll be excited to hear that your children will be able to take part in lessons that run from 8am until 5pm on Saturdays, as well as 4pm until 6pm on weekdays. That’s an incredible opportunity for you to keep them entertained, while allowing you plenty of time to go shopping, take care of the housework, or run a few errands – whilst ensuring they are in a safe, fun and educational environment.

Our coaches will arrange riders based on their ages and skill levels, and we can even incorporate small groups of friends to ensure that they all get the most from their experience. The great thing about our JRC programs is that each rider will also have the option of working toward their very own achievements as they learn new skills.

What Types of Achievements Are Available?

At the beginning of the introductory term, all children will get their very own theory book (bound for their convenience). Within this book are a range of assessments and skill levels to work through – making learning fun. Whenever your child is successful with one of the skills, they will receive a patch that can be sewn onto their uniforms.

We even run exclusive competitions bi-yearly to allow our riders to showcase their talents and expertise. Rather than approaching these events from an immensely competitive angle, we try to promote and encourage all riders in a way that keeps the activities fun for everyone involved. And we even provide prizes for any rider that comes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

What Level of Riding Does Your Child Require?

We find Young riders who can rise to the trot, independently, are at an ideal starting point for children’s group riding lessons. Children not quite ready for JRC can enjoy half hour private riding tuition to fast track through to Junior Riding Club.

The cost of entry is $1080, which we request upfront to secure a placement for your child. To learn more or to apply for a place, please feel free to get in touch with us as slots fill up fast.