Gold Lease

Gold Lease

The ultimate aspiration for any passionate equestrian is to achieve horse ownership and this is where the Gold Lease comes in. This lease is ideally suited to riders that are unable to meet the financial obligations or the time restrictions but want enjoy the privilege and freedom of ownership.

Our team will guide you through every aspect of the purchasing process to help you to achieve your goal. Then we’ll even help to connect you with a suitable candidate who can help to take care of the financial and time obligations through a reversed lease concept, managed entirely by Eastside Riding Academy, while you concentrate on buliding  a relationship with your horse.

The Main Benefits of this Lease Type

Imagine being able to own your very own horse, without having to worry about its feed or bedding. Now consider the ability to have access to your horse when you want, take it for rides and enjoy looking after it – all without the financial obligations that so many people aren’t able to meet. That’s exactly what this lease is intended for and you could consider it your special reward for showing your dedication and passion to Eastside Riding Academy.

What Does this Lease Include?

You’ll have access to a head coach of your choice each week, dedicated self-ride times and the option to use your horse on weekends – as well as for competitions and more. From here, we’ll source a suitable 2nd rider that will slip into the Bronze or Silver Lease System to ensure your horse is adequately worked and managed.

In exchange, we’ll ensure your horse is maintained and looked after to the highest standard including feed, bedding and daily stable maintenance.  The purpose of this lease is to create a structured, managed ownership option to manage the introductory phase of ownership.

How to Apply

Although we may recommend certain riders for this lease, we are always happy to accept applications from notable members of our school. If you’ve been enjoying our horse riding lessons for years now, then the best way to apply is by talking to your head coach directly. Alternatively, a quick phone call to the office on (02) 9360-7521 can help you with the process, or send an email to our team can be a good way to get the answers that you’re looking for.