Camp Dates


Important Details:

  • 9 am arrival (please do not arrive before this time, without prior arrangement, as it impacts our set up)
  • 4 pm pickup
  • School-aged kids
  • 2 rides per day – 1 Group Riding, 1 Ride in Centennial Park
  • 3 Days of Fun, education based learning environment

Summer 2017/18

Tuesday 12th – Thursday  14th  December

Tuesday 19th – Thursday 21st  December

Tuesday 9th – Thursday  11th  January

Tuesday 9th – Thursday  11th  January

Autumn 2018

Tuesday 17th – Thursday  19th  April

Tuesday 24th – Thursday  26th April

Winter 2018

Tuesday 10th July – Thursday 12th July

Tuesday 17th July – Thursday 19th July

Spring 2018

Tuesday 2nd October – Thursday 4th October

Tuesday 9th October – Thursday 11th October

Summer 2018/19

Tuesday 11th December – Thursday 13th December

Tuesday 18th December – Thursday 20th December

Tuesday 15th January – Thursday 17th January

Tuesday 22nd January – Thursday 24th January


At Eastside Riding Academy, we try to cater to the specific needs of our riders and their families. For those of you that are keen to learn more about our camp dates outside of our Junior Riding Club services, then this page will provide the exact dates of attendance that you need to know. In order to apply for a placement, we’d suggest doing so with as much time as possible to secure your place.


All of our exciting school holiday programs run for 3 days, following the NSW Public Schools. Each rider will get to enjoy two horse rides per day and our coaches will split the groups based on their age and experience. The fun doesn’t stop when your child dismounts their horse either; in fact, they’ll be taught about care, maintenance and more to really ignite their passion.

Before booking your placement, it’s important to consider a few key points – one of which relates to lunches that we are unfortunately unable to provide (mainly due to the range in dietary needs). When preparing your child, we’d suggest that you pack them a lunch that they can enjoy in between activities.

Depending on the weather, we’d encourage you to pack a change of clothes that match the season, without any tasselled items or apparel that may snag or cause a nuisance. If you’re planning a summer booking we’d definitely suggest sunscreen, along with a hat, to safeguard your child – as it’s easy to forget how strong the sun can be when they’re having so much fun!

If you’d like to book your child (or children) into one of our programs, or if you have a group of your child’s friends that are keen to enjoy our Equestrian Centre this year, then why not give us a quick call right now? We’ll answer your questions and help you to secure your booking, so what do you have to lose?

We can also be reached via email – or if you’d prefer a tour of our facility, why not schedule a visit to Centennial Park; where one of our friendly team would be more than happy to show you around.