Bronze Lease


Although many of our riders find our group training sessions to be some of the most effective ways to learn; we found ourselves being asked quite frequently ‘what comes next?’ Our team of coaches are more than capable of catering to riders and their skills – no matter if they are beginners, intermediates, or experianced – but it’s not uncommon for group riders to want to explore the possibility of venturing out on their own once they reach a certain level of skill.

And this is exactly what our Bronze Lease is intended to cover. We consider it the introductory level for riders that are ready to leave the group environment and go it alone with the aid of a supervisory coach. This leasing option is ideal for riders that want to practice what they have been learning in their group training sessions on a self-ride basis, and applicants that are successful will even have able to access their ‘own horse’ for competitions runs by CPEC members.

The Benefits of this Lease

One of the most appealing factors associated with this early type of lease is the ability for a rider to enjoy a lone-ride, without needing to be a part of a group. As it’s best suited to intermediate – advanced riders that have an understanding of how best to construct a ride training session, it can be a great way for an individual to further explore their capabilities, or improve their skills. Lastly, the only restriction (if you could call it that) is that the rider is unable to jump in a self – directed ride unless a  coach is supervising.

What Does this Lease Include?

A successful applicant will be able to take advantage of a weekly group riding lesson accompanied by their head coach, as well as one self-ride session. It’s also an option to upgrade the Bronze Lease to receive a further private lesson if the candidate wishes. There are some terms and conditions associated with the lease and these include:

  • An obligation to become a member of Equestrian Australia
  • Certain horses can be subjected to weekend restrictions
  • Select horses are only available as part of the lease agreement

And What About the Price?

All potential candidates must undergo an application process, where they will be evaluated based on their skills, enthusiasm and capabilities. For a price, or to learn more, simply get in touch by calling (02) 9360-7521. To speak to an advisor you can also send an email, or visit our Equestrian Centre in Centennial Park.